Willie D For District B



District B is comprised of more than 215,000 residents, with 60% of the population ranging from ages 18-64. African Americans and Hispanics represent 48% and 45% of the population respectively.  Residents of District B are experiencing the impact of severe deficits in education attainment, unemployment, and home ownership that have caused the overall quality of life to decline. These issues, among others, must be addressed so that District B will begin to grow and thrive once again.  


Severe education disparities exist in District B.  Approximately 31% of its residents are without a high school diploma and less than 10% of its residents have a college degree.  I support…

• Early learning in pre-k and child care

• The innovative use of municipal resources to fund education programs that are focused on closing achievement gaps

• Formation of a District B-HISD School Board Advisory Committee


Nearly 1 in 3 District B residents are living in poverty with approximately 40% reporting an annual income below $25,000.  I support…

• Creation of new jobs for District B residents through entrepreneurship

• Increased community-based entrepreneurship and job training programs for trades

• Developing local incentives for employers who employ individuals with past criminal convictions


The criminal justice system is flawed in this country and in District B.  Citizens feel unprotected and intimidated by community law enforcement officials far too often and lack knowledge about their basic rights. I support… 

• Fostering improved community/law enforcement relations

• Implementing increased community education on knowing your rights and obligations when faced with a police encounter; restoration of rights after a conviction (voting); and re-entry resources

• Transparency in law enforcement data collection, reporting and accountability


From 2000-2017, home ownership in District B has steadily declined from 51% to 40%, while renter occupied housing has increased from 49% to 60%.  I support…

• Local tax incentives to companies that engage in development and construction of affordable housing units or the rehabilitation of existing housing units in District B

• The placement of mixed-income, affordable housing in all areas of the city without regard to the race, color, or national origin of potential inhabitants 


District B is among those neighborhoods that are the most severely impacted when natural disasters and severe weather conditions strike.  Yet, it is the last to recover. I support increased funding to…

• Repair our streets and fix potholes

• Eliminate and address drainage and flooding issues


Political advertisement paid for by the Willie Dennis Campaign. Hilton Koch, Treasurer.